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Hello! Welcome to our Easter Trail page! We hope you enjoyed the picture on the house you saw! Below is our interactive map of where you will find the other houses which will have a picture in a window.  Each will have a different tile with a letter on it - write down this letter or number! When you have found all of the tiles then enter the letters into the spaces below to reveal a special message!

From the 29th March, we will add a final stop of the Easter Trail on the corner of Hall Lane and Old Hall Road and when the trail is complete, children can receive a chocolate egg if you email us! We have a printout HERE if you want to fill in the tiles as you walk!

There is also a story to follow at each house. Scroll down the page!

Enter the corresponding tile letters here, then click Finish. If you've got them all correct you'll see a special message!


Follow the Easter story at each house ! There are 15 houses to see and every house also tells part of a story. Click on box number 1 picture when you get to your first house to read the first part of the story. Then click on box picture number 2 when you see your 2nd house and so forth to continue reading...

House  1  

egg 4.jpg
Easter Cakes

House 6

Image by Melissa Walker Horn

House 11 

Painted Easter Eggs

House 2 

White Frangipani Flowers

House 7

Image by Sebastian Staines

House 12 


House 3 


House 8

Image by Laurentiu Iordache

House 13 

Yellow Daffodil Close Up

House 4 

March 1 S_edited.jpg

House 9 

Image by Gábor Juhász

House 14


House 5


House 10 

Image by Annie Spratt

House 15

Our Easter Day Service will be on Zoom at 10.30am. We would love you to join us. Please email us for zoom codes at admin@maghullbaptistchurch.co.uk

We also post videos of our services each week on our website podcast page and on our facebook page.

Do you want to know more? Or maybe want prayer for anything?
Or have you completed the trail and cracked the secret message and the children would like an egg?!
Please fill in the below and someone from the church will be in touch.

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